Sagat Combos

You most likely want to become a master in Sagat Combos. Therefore we created this page so you can become a beast in the new Street Fighter 5 Season! All combos can be found lower on this page. Besides that we also included this awesome Sagat Combos video from VesperArcade so you get a feel for how the Sagat Combos should be executed.

All the annotations and commands can be found on our Street Fighter 5 Combos page.

HIT CONFIRMS, c.lp xx dp hp *, c.lp xx dp mk
s.lp, xx dp mk/dp hp *
(standing only) s.lp, s.lp, xx dp hp *,, xx dp hp *,, xx dp hk
(crouching only),, dp hp *

s.hp, dp lp *
(standing only) s.hp, s.lp xx dp hp *, xx dp hk/dp hp *, xx dp mk/dp hp *

JUMP IN,, xx dp hk/dp hp *,, c.lp xx dp mk/dp hp *

AIR TO AIR, dp hk/kk,, dp pp

(with angry charge), dp hp *, qcf kk, (kara dp pp


s.lp CH,, xx dp mk/dp hp *
c.lp CH, xx dp mk/dp hp * CH, c.lp xx dp mk/dp hp * CH,, dp hp * CH, s.lp, xx dp hp * CH, c.lp xx dp mk/dp hp * (far) CH, xx dp hp * CH, s.lp, xx dp mk/dp hp *

s.hp CH, xx dp hp *


c.hp CC, dp hp * (second hit) CC, dp hp * CC,, xx dp mk/dp hp * CC, walk, xx dp hp * (far) CC, dash, xx dp hp *

EX COMBOS, xx qcf pp, dp mk xx qcf pp, dp kk, xx qcf pp, dp kk

s.hp, s.lp xx qcf pp, (kara, dp pp
qcf kk, (kara dp pp

(with angry charge), xx qcf pp, (kara dp hp


qcf k, qcf pp, (kara dp mk
qcf k, qcf pp, qcf kk, (kara dp kk, xx dp lk, dp pp
(with angry charge), xx dp lk, dp lp *


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