Hey everyone! We have been very busy updating Street Fighter 5 Guru. All the info was outdated and with all Season 3 characters available it was the perfect time to do so. Our plan is to keep expanding the website and eventually add combos and info for various other fighting games. We are still looking for more combos to add to the...


Want to step up your game with Street Fighter 5? We got everything you need on this website!

With this site we bring you the latest up to date information about Street Fighter 5. With everything you need to know about the characters, combos and frame data so you become the true World Warrior. Currently updated with all the Street Fighter 5 Season 2 data available to date.

The Street Fighter 5 Roster contains a wide variety of characters with many different styles. We listed everything with their pros, cons and overall statistics so you can pick a fighter that suits you best.

Complete with all the Street Fighter 5 Combos for every character that is available within the game. Combined with detailed playstyle, basic moves, combos and the frame data you need to fully master any fighter you want!

As you might know, every season adjusts some of the mechanics used within Street Fighter 5. We searched many places so you have up-to-date Street Fighter 5 Frame Data needed for Season 2. No longer do you need to look all over the place to find the correct data.