Terminology, Icons and Inputs

Not sure what every icon and term means?

On this page we will tell you about these. On the character pages accessed from the Street Fighter 5 Roster page these icons are used. Most of it should explain itself. But a few might need an explanation. Behind every icon there numbers displayed. These numbers represent a numpad on your keyboard.

For example; The 90 degree motion, 236 is the motion you would make on a keypad. You start the motion from down to forward-down to forward.

With this example the others should make sense.

AA / Anti air: An attack that’s useful for hitting the opponent out of the air.
Air to air: An aerial move that’s used for beating the opponents aerial move.
Blockstring: Chaining several safe moves on block together.
BnB / Bread and Butter: Basic combos that are needed for proper play on the character.
Buffer: Inputting moves before they can actually come out.
Charge: Holding a direction for a certain period of time, for example Guile’s sonic boom.
Chip damage: Damage you get from blocking attacks.
Command throw: An inescapable throw, can’t be teched.
Cross up: An attack that can hit from either side, creating a 50/50 blocking situation where you have to choose between left or right.
Stun: The meter beneath your hp bar that fills up when you’re getting hit, if it’s full you get placed into a stun state in which the opponent can continue it’s combo.
Frame trap: Leaving a gap between your attacks to catch your opponent pressing buttons.
Grappler: (Mostly) slow characters with command grabs, Zangief is the epitome of a grabbler.
Hit confirm: The possibility to confirm if an attack actually hit or is blocked so you can convert into a combo.
Hitbox: The area of an attack that actually hits.
Invincibility: Some attacks give you frames that make you invincible to attacks.
Meaty: An attack that hits your opponents on wake up when timed right, usually has a long active hitbox.
Mixup: Placing the opponent into a guessing situation, for example if you always light punch into grab on block but then out of nowhere you do light punch into heavy punch on block you probably get a crush counter because your opponent is trying to tech the throw they’re expecting.
Negative edge: Instead of pressing a button you release it, this still makes the normal/special come out.
Oki / Okizeme: The option you select on the opponents wake up.
Option select: Inputting multiple buttons to cover multiple options, for example holding up while pushing light punch and kick. This will result in you jumping when the opponent doesn’t throw and techs it if he does.
Overhead: An attack that can’t be blocked crouching.
Parry: If the opponent hits you during a move with parry properties you take the chip damage but the move doesn’t stop.
Poking: Using correctly spaced and safe normals to poke at the opponent.
Attack priority: Determines if an attack will beat, trade or lose to the opponents move.
Quick recover: Standing up immediately on wake up by pressing 2 punch buttons when you get knocked down.
Read: Using the opponents pattern you make a guess at what he’s going to do next and act accordingly.
Reset: Restarting your combo through a mixup mid combo or after an anti air counter hit.
Reversal: Buffering an attack on wake up to immediately act on your wake up, usually a move with invincibility frames.
Rushdown: A playstyle that revolves around constantly picking aggressive options, Cammy is a good example of this.
Critical Art / CA: 3 meter super move.
Cancel: Canceling the recovery moves of an attack into something else.
Link: Comboing normals into each other without canceling, using frame data. For example if your heavy punch is +4 on block and your light punch has 3 frames of startup you can combo into that.
Sweep: An attack that must be blocked low and causes a knockdown on hit.
Target combo: Normals that cancel into each other.
Tick Throw: A throw that is done after hitting an attack on block.
Throw tech: Inputting the throw command as soon as possible after getting thrown yourself to cancel the throw and reset to neutral.
Trade: A situation in which both players hit their move at the same time, resulting in both players getting hit.
Turtling: A playstyle that revolves around waiting for the opponent to make a move.
Unblockable: A move that cannot be blocked.
Vortex: A combo that ends into a mixup that starts the combo again.
Wake up: What you do when you get of the ground.
Zoning: Keeping the opponent out of their comfort range.
OTG / Off the ground: A move that strikes the opponent after they’re already knocked down.
Back recovery: Rolling back at knockdown, preformed by pushing 2 kick buttons when you get knocked down.

Movement / Controls

Press nothing
 Up [8]
 Back [4]
 Forward [6]
 Down [2]
 Hold Back
 Hold Down
 Forward Dragonpunch [623]
 Backward Dragonpunch [421]
 90 Degree forward [236]
90 Degree backward [214]
 180 Degree backward [63214]
 180 Degree forward [41236]
 360 Degree forward [632147896]


 Light Punch [LP]
 Medium Punch [MP]
 Hard/Heavy Punch [HP]
 Any Punch [P]


 Light Kick [LK]
 Medium Kick [MK]
 Hard/Heavy Kick [HK]
 Any Kick [K]

Miscellaneous Icons

 Move can be EX-ed
 2 Variations to perform a move
 Press at the same time
 Perform twice
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