Alex Frame Data – Season 2

Move NameĀ CommandStartupActiveRecoveryOn HitOn BlockDamageStunAttack LvlCancel IntoKD AdvKDR AdvKDRB AdvNOTES
Move NameĀ CommandStartupActiveRecoveryOn HitOn BlockDamageStunAttack LvlCancel IntoKD AdvKDR AdvKDRB AdvNOTES
Stand LPLP42842423070Hsp/su/vt~~
Stand MPMP62125210760100Hsp/su/vt~~
Stand HPHP10322-1-3161490150Hsp/su/vt~~
Stand LKLK5382-1524070Hsp/su/vt~~
Stand MKMK83152-29570100Hvt~~
Stand HKHK173241-42217100150Hvt9452
Crouch LP2LP42742423070Hsp/su/vt~~
Crouch MP2LP82172-1131060100Hvt~~
Crouch HP2HP10623KD-8KD (+110/51/56)10*1360*3075*75Hvt10445
Crouch LK2LK43640402070Lvt~~
Crouch MK2MK92180-39660100Lvt~~
Crouch HK2HK11224KD-12KD (+83/34/39)4100150Lvt6718
Jump LPLP in air45~~~~~4070M~~~
Jump MPMP57~~~~~70100M~~~
Jump HPHP83~~~~~90150M~~~
Jump LKLK45~~~~~4070M~~~
Jump MKMK66~~~~~70100M~~~
Jump HKHK95~~~~~90150M~~~
Flying Cross Chop2HP in air1423~8-29(-21)~~90150M~~~
Face-Crush Chop5 or 6LP+LK5218KDKD~~120120T~6617
Leg Tomahawk4LP+LK5218KDkD~~140200T~578
Rage ShiftHP+HK1~10~~~~~~~~~~
Sledge Hammer (vt)HP+HK202505-12~~80150Hvt~~
Sledge Hammer Full (vt)charge HP+HK68250114~~130200H~~~
Big Boot6+KKK in blockstun16219KD-2~~60~H~7718
Flash Chop LPQCF+LP123202-4~~70150Hsu~~
Flash Chop MPQCF+MP193193-4~~80150Hsu~~
Flash Chop HPQCF+HP253212-4~~90150Hsu~~
Flash Chop EXQCF+PP11518KD-2~~140100*100H~9132
Slash Elbow LKCharge 2 or 1 then 6+LK165223-2~~80200Hsu~~
Slash Elbow MKCharge 2 or 1 then 6+MK19522KD-6~~90200Hsu8930
Slash Elbow HKCharge 2 or 1 then 6+HK24518KD-7~~100150Hsu10445
Slash Elbow EXCharge 2 or 1 then 6+KK14328KD-10~~75*75100*100H~8627
Air Knee Smash LKDP+LK6820+17KDKD~~50*800*200H~7223
Air Knee Smash MKDP+MK9820+18KDKD~~50*800*200H~7223
Air Knee Smash HKDP+HK11820+20KDKD~~50*800*200H~7223
Air Knee Smash EXDP+KK6822+27KDKD~~50*1100*200H~7223
Power Bomb LPHCB+LP6251KDKD~~160220T~6415
Power Bomb MPHCB+MP6251KDKD~~170220T~6415
Power Bomb HPHCB+HP6251KDKD~~180220T~6415
Power Bomb EXHCB+PP6251KDKD~~220250T~6415
Power DropHCB+P5251KDKD~~126225T~556
Power Drop EXHCB+PP5251KDKD~~72*900*270T~6415
Air Stampede LKCharge 4 or 1 then 8+LK27317KD-5~~120200M~4444
Air Stampede MKCharge 4 or 1 then 8+MK30321KD-5~~120200M~4040
Air Stampede HKCharge 4 or 1 then 8+HK33322KD-5~~120200M~3939
Air Stampede EXCharge 4 or 1 then 8+KK29318KD2~~140200M~4343
Head Crush LPCharge 4 or 1 then 8+LP362304~~~160250T~~~
Head Crush MPCharge 4 or 1 then 8+MP402304~~~160250T~~~
Head Crush HPCharge 4 or 1 then 8+HP442304~~~160250T~~~
Head Crush EXCharge 4 or 1 then 8+PP302494~~~180300T~~~
Heavy HammerQCF,QCF+P5246KD-25~~3400*0*0H~6415

Mayflash F300


HORI Real Arcade Pro 4


Razer Panthera


Qanba Obsidian


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